In a time of fear and confusion, it is important to stand firm upon the hope we have in Jesus Christ realizing that God is more powerful than any earthly foes seen or unseen. Unlike King Saul, David acted wisely in service to Israel and Saul himself because the Lord was with him. Likewise, the […]

One of the greatest blessings in the Christian life is the sense of belonging. We belong to God, and He has given us His Son and His Spirit to demonstrate how completely committed He is to our relationship. He is faithful and true even when we are not. He never moves. Therefore, except in times […]

One of the biggest temptations that we face each day is to give into being like every one else. Conformity can be great, but it all depends on to what we are conformed. The wrong form will lead to the wrong shape. All Christians are called to be conformed to the image of Christ, not […]

When you see a problem, what is your first response? Do you try to solve the problem yourself, or do you call a professional? Do you pray for wisdom and guidance? We often try everything before prayer even though it is the simplest action. If we think we can handle it, we don’t want anyone […]

The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my lot. – Psalm 16:5 Have you paused today to consider that, as a believer in Jesus Christ, you are an heir of the Kingdom of God and co-heir with Jesus Christ? With the New Testament, Jesus Christ established an eternal […]

The name of Jesus Christ should be upsetting. For the wicked, it should bring to mind Truth and Righteousness. For believers, it should encourage peace, joy and righteousness. No one should be unaffected. Charles Spurgeon is credited with saying, “If Christ is not all to you He is nothing to you. He will never go […]

Today marks the first Monday of the Advent season, and this week’s passage hits right at the heart of the Gospel. At the core of the Gospel message is the coming of the Son of Man, Jesus of Nazareth. His miraculous birth was the beginning of the most amazing life, and the lives the faithful […]