Sermon: Articles of Faith – Perseverance

Last week we touched upon the Glorification of the saints that is best viewed as the welling up of the Holy Spirit to empower the children of God to be more Christ-like.  One of the major ways this happens is through perseverance under persecution for righteousness.  When we join Christ in yielding to God the Father’s will, we transcend the mundane and rise to our calling.  This is perseverance.  

More than merely sticking it out in the line at the grocery store, the doctrine called the Perseverance of the Saints is our way of explaining how the Holy Spirit moves within a believer, called by God, to do His will.  This applies to all parts of life.  However, this name, Perseverance of the Saints, can be a misnomer.  In fact, it is God’s Spirit and His work that perseveres.  As we submit to the Holy Spirit, we can and should persevere as well.

Please join us this week as we explore perseverance in more detail.

You can listen to this week’s entire message on this topic here.

Search out the Scriptures yourself using the Bible Study handout here.


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