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Sermon: Commandments of Jesus, Pt XIX – Mark 13:4-6

Self-discipline is one of the hardest habits to practice consistently.  Seemingly no matter how hard we try, we slip-up and slide into old habits.  By God’s grace and His Word, we can overcome, but only so long as we take heed to ourselves and the doctrines of the Bible.  In fact, the Word of God […]

Sermon: Commandments of Jesus, Pt XIII – Mark 9:38-40

In a world full of division and strife, it is no wonder that these problems impact the Church.  Thus we many brands and stripes of church, and this seems unlikely to change any time soon.  However, there is hope.  True submissive faith in Jesus Christ is the key to unity of purpose, truth and life.  […]

Sermon: Commandments of Jesus, Pt X – Matthew 11:28

Rest is so often hard to find. Though we work hard and spend vast amounts of money on comforts, finding rest remains allusive. Why? There are many reasons but chief among those reasons is that we vainly seek the trappings of rest without taking hold of the most important source of rest, faithfulness to the […]

Sermon: Commandments of Jesus, Pt VII – Matthew 5:33-37

This week’s message takes on the importance of oath keeping and avoiding them where possible.  What may seem like an odd topic for Jesus fits right in with the previous messages concerning anger and adultery because our commitments or our failure to keep them impact not only ourselves but many others around us.  For instance, […]

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Love Boldly – 1 John 4:17-21

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No Other Foundation – 1 John 4:12-16

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All Things Are Become New – 1 John 2:7-11

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Scripture Alone – 2 Timothy 3:16-17

As delivered at the Southern States Bible Conference, July 12, 2011. Sermon Notes

Yet A Little While – John 14:19

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