Sermon: I Am With You – 1 Samuel 14:1-16

One of the greatest blessings in the Christian life is the sense of belonging. We belong to God, and He has given us His Son and His Spirit to demonstrate how completely committed He is to our relationship. He is faithful and true even when we are not. He never moves. Therefore, except in times where our sins lead us away from Him, our sense of His presence is assured.

Akin to the joy of God’s presence, we have one another in the Church. The Church was established by Christ to provide a body to join together the Children of God in unity of faith and purpose. The community of the Church then is a family. We may dispute some things, but in the end, we must stick together.

This week’s message takes us to various passages showing how our faith binds us and how Jesus comforts us through all situations to the end of the world as we do His will.

Listen to the entire message here.


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